ISO certified poplar plywood & particleboard

Invernizzi spa was one of the first companies in this sector, that 2002 achieved the certification of its business quality system brands ICILA and IQNET.

To increase the competitiveness and the company profitability in a more and more exigent market ruled by stricter and stricter rules, is necessary to reach and keep a leading positioning, what concerns the product and service quality. To achieve this aim, the Invernizzi general direction is committed to pursue a customer-oriented policy: both internal and external customer…

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100% Polar Made in Italy

From September 1st 2013 poplar plywood panels produced from Invernizzi S.p.A. are also identified by the brand “100% POPLAR MADE IN ITALY”: another important acknowledgement we are happy to share with all our customer and the users of our products.


“100% POPLAR MADE IN ITALY” is the brand identifying a product realized through use of the most advanced production technologies currently available on the market, through exclusive use of harvested poplar wood not originated from natural forests, grown under specific modes contributing to counter and reduce the present climate changes.

Products identified by the brand “100% POPLAR MADE IN ITALY” represent a world level excellence thanks to the Italian industry’s’ competence and constant innovation, able to highlight qualities and specific features, these products are suitable to the largest number of applications: from building industry to furniture, from transport to recreational vehicles, from shipyards to the do-it-yourself market.

These products keep growing also on the international markets due to their low weight, high quality, environmental friendliness and sustainability.

In addition to their relevant quality and environmental qualities, all products under the brand “100% POPLAR MADE IN ITALY” are made with wood originated from legal sources according to the EU regulation no. 995/2010.”

E1, CARB & CE certified poplar plywood & particleboard

E1 CATAS:to ensure a further quality standard both plywood and particleboard panels produced respectively since the years 2001 and 2000 are certified from CATAS for low formaldehyde emissions.


CARB/EPA:in order to answer and to forward market requests, INVERNIZZI spa has developed a special range of extremely low emission panels ensuring the highest level of protection from air toxic emissions now being identified as a CARB phase-2 certified producer of poplar plywood and chipboard according to ATCM –Airborne Toxic Control Measure- standard.

CE2+ : CE certificate for structural use with 2+ system (EN 13986:04 standard, wood panels for structural use): 100% poplar plywood panels. “Since July 2013 CE 2+ panels refer to the regulation n° 305/2011, technical performances are always determined according to the EN 13986 rule”

FIRE REACTION: since the year 2006 our IGNIPAS and IGNIPASCOMP panels have attained the EC certificate of conformity which allows CE marking under the B-s2, d0 fire reaction Euroclass according to EN 13501-1:2001.

FSC® or PEFC™ certified poplar plywood & particleboard

COC PEFC™:witnessing an extreme care and respect for the environment in 2005 Invernizzi spa certified the company’s Chain of Custody (COC) under terms of the international PEFC™.international environment protection standards.

COC FSC®: in May 2010 Invernizzi has attained the prestigeous FSC® certificate for its chain of custody under the reference standard FSC-STD-40-004 code ICILA-COC-000369.