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Poplar plywood TWIN CEIBA

  • The

    Invernizzi poplar plywood TWIN CEIBA

    is a natural product that is manufactured using

    CEIBA wood face veneers 

     and poplar core veneers that have been overlapped and whose grains are longitudinally glued. It is manufactured according to the

    formaldehyde emission control rules

    provided of 

    E1 certificate


The gluing is consonant with the norm UNI EN 314 and it is determined only on the basis of its resistance to the humidity that defines the gluing class (norm UNI EN 636)

The Invernizzi poplar plywood TWIN CEIBA is produced in:

  1. CLASS 1: ureic gluing suitable to panels used in dry places and in interiors (UNI EN 636-1)
  2. CLASS 2: melamine gluing suitable to panels used in damp or in outside but sheltered places (UNI EN 636-1). All Invernizzi plywood panels are in formaldehyde emission class EI (Certificate CATAS);
  3. CARB PHASE 2: special gluing on demand consonant to the Californian norm demanding absolutly the lowest formaldehyde emissions.


THICKNESS (mm) 50 44 40 30 28 25 18 15 12 9 6 4 3
LAYERS (n. minimum) var 17 17 13 13 11 9 7 5 5 3 3 3
Standard UNI EN 323

Technical features report indicative average values of poplar plywood, urea based glue line, referring to an average wood moisture content of 10% +/- 2%, realized using wood from the I-214 clone. These values may vary if, though keeping the same relation between thickness and number of layers, a different clone is used or in case there is a variation in the panel's core composition (way the veneers are disposed, thickness of the various layers)

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Invernizzi is a leading manufacturer of poplar plywood and poplar particleboard. The company offers high quality panels which may also be PEFC™, CARB phase 2, E1, CE 2+ and FSC® certified. Invernizzi produces with modern techniques, respecting the ecological community. Panels produced from Invernizzi are sustainable and environmental friendly, with excellent technical performances, resistant, low weight and white in color. Poplar plywood is used for different applications including furniture production, DIY and in the whole building industry.Invernizzi, poplar has an history, poplar has a future.

Our plywood and particleboard are certified:
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